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28-Jan-2018 11:40

i OS 5 and i Cloud have just been released and Mobile Me users are finally allowed to transition their accounts from Mobile Me to i Cloud.The process is easy, but there are some steps along the way.Calendar Wiz offers an i Cal feed that will push an up-to-date read-only version of your calendar into Outlook.See below for instructions on how to do this for Outlook 2007, Outlook, Outlook 365, and Outlook Web App calendar.The time has finally come: you need to make the move from Mobile Me to i Cloud, as Mobile Me officially goes dark on June 30.If you have an older Mobile Me account, you may have held off on the transition to i Cloud until the very end.You'll be asked to enter your password again.3) Select "Billing Info" in list at left4) Click on "Apply Activation Key" in bottom left5) Click radio button "Apply to an existing account" and enter the 16-letter activation code in the box you have bought here6) Confirm Renewal (you may have to enter your name and password yet again). Mac, but after discovering Dropbox and Foxmarks I stopped using it.

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But renewal online using this product is a little tricky; you have to bypass renewal by credit card etc. Here's how:1) Go to [...] and log in.2) Go to Account (click on your name at top right). Now, I'm grateful for the lower price on Amazon (saved around 25 frog skins when compared with Apple), but the delivery needs to be something like this: buy Mobile Me code -For years I had this service when it was called .

And, if you're afraid your phone will never make it back to you, you also have the option to completely erase all of the data, restoring the phone back to factory settings.

(And, as a nice touch, if you do happen to find your phone eventually, you can restore it back to how you had it before.)Calendar, bookmarking and contact syncs are great, too, as is the i Disk space and domain hosting, but after Find My Phone everything is pretty much icing on the cake.(And i Pad owners can find their missing i Pad the same way, too.)I've used these services for almost 10 years now and I have a love/hate relationship with them.

However, being an i Phone owner who lives out of her phone, I started to get nervous about what would happen if I lost it or it was stolen. If you ever lose your i Phone, just log on to [...] and find it (as long as it's still turned on, of course)!

I hate using the keylock feature, but it's pretty irresponsible not to, right? You can set a lock code (or override one that's already set), send the phone text messages and play sounds that will pop up even if you've locked the phone or it's on silent or vibrate.

Eventually, all the reminders on Chronicle Old will go away.