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And if appearance is everything, particularly in looks-conscious L. But dig a little deeper, and you might be surprised at what they have in common.

In fact, in the spirit of the season, one might even say that Quaid and Grace are like two ghosts: one, of Christmas Past; the other, of Christmas Future.

“Having to act opposite someone who is so good, for three months, was daunting,” Grace says. But Dennis, from the first day, was the nicest, most easygoing guy.” He blushes beet red then adds, “Well, come on, it’s hard for me to say in front of him, but it’s just fame, that his talent has bought him, that’s intimidating.” Famous, Quaid definitely is.

After dropping out of the University of Houston, he appeared in a handful of films and television movies then landed a lead in the 1979 runaway hit, “Breaking Away” followed by “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” for which he wrote some of the music. Unfortunately, so did the booze and drugs, which reached a visible crescendo in 1989 when Quaid played the late Jerry Lee Lewis in “Great Balls of Fire.” Quaid’s first marriage, to actress P. Soles, had ended in 1983 after five years, and he became engaged to actress Meg Ryan.

Without warning, Sports America is sold to Globecom, a multi-national company, and Dan is demoted in favour of Carter Duryea, (Topher Grace), a 26-year-old whiz kid with no experience in ad sales.

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But his life is going to be shaken up when the sports magazine he works for is taken over by a huge conglomerate and in the shake up he is demoted from head of advertising to have Carter Duryea (Topher Grace - Mona Lisa Smile) brought in as his boss, a man half his age and with no real experience.

But "In Good Company" isn't what you expect, this isn't some movie full of set piece comedy where by the end of the movie every one is living happily ever after, instead it is a movie about how funny life is, how awkward moments may break the tension and how things don't always end perfectly despite Hollywood liking us to believe otherwise.