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29-Dec-2017 23:02

Pope Francis Tuesday will announce reforms to the Catholic Church’s marriage annulment process, the Vatican said Monday, changes experts predicted will help streamline it – not theological shifts in how the church understands marriage and divorce.However, some theologians speculated Francis had made the surprise announcement now in order to clear the decks for a major church meeting in October when broader debates will happen about how the church views sin and remarriage.Among others they also proposed (4) the dispensation of the requirement of second instance for confirming sentences; (5) the possibility of establishing an administrative means under the jurisdiction of the diocesan bishop and (6) a simple process to use used in cases where nullity is clearly evident.

Children become wards of the state, and all marital assets are controlled by the courts.The Catholic Church teaches that marriages can never be dissolved, and in order to have a second church-approved wedding you have to get a church court to nullify your first marriage, or say it wasn’t fully legitimate to begin with. Catholics have gone through a divorce, and polls show half disagree that getting remarried civilly without an annulment is a sin (35 percent think it is).Catholics who don’t receive an annulment cannot receive Communion. Several theologians Monday predicted that the changes coming Tuesday would be tweaks that Francis sees as less controversial – including possibly making annulments free of cost or ending a church law change from the 1980’s that requires officials from two dioceses to approve an annulment.Remarrying after a divorce without receiving a prior declaration of nullity does damage a person’s communion with the Church, not because the Church rejects this person but because he or she has chosen a to live in a relationship that is in violation of his or her previous wedding vows.

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All of us struggle to live in full accord with the gospel, a person in this situation is still a beloved member of the parish community, and should participate in parish life as fully as possible.A) Yes, once the non-Catholic’s prior marriage has received a Decree of Nullity (annulment) from the Diocesan Tribunal.

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