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There is not really any difference between retreat centers and retreat houses, other than name.

You will often see the term “” as more of a stand-alone building.

While many engaged couples focus on preparing for the wedding day, the Church encourages them to spend their engagement preparing for a strong, lifelong marriage—and the responsibilities and challenges that come with it.

Some couples view the Church’s marriage preparation requirements as an unfair burden; they “just want to get married.” But according to one study, most couples (nearly 94 percent) who completed a marriage preparation program found it to be a valuable experience, especially in the early years of marriage (see "For Your Marriage").

Retreat options range from monasteries with guest rooms or hermitages to full-time, single-focus retreat centers that offer a multitude of retreats and programs throughout the year.

There are hundreds of Catholic retreat centers and retreat houses around the country.

See the "Inter-faith marriage resources" section of the "For more information" heading below.

Following is a brief overview of the first three types of marriage preparation.

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____________________________________________________________________ “Chris, you are truly an angel among us.For more information about just what happens on a weekend, click here, or to locate a Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend in a specific Diocese or Locality, click here.Retreats are an integral part of the Catholic faith. A couple can work anywhere from 3 hours to 9 hours during a 2-night stay, with the norm being 7 hours of coaching. Chris’ philosophy is that we each have the ability to change, to develop, to create, the lives we wish to live, and she knows that in that we have no limitations. ________________________________________________________________ “Chris, I can’t thank you enough for what you did with us this weekend.

We will also tell you where the good restaurants are and how you can order meals from a nearby farm. She also believes that we communicate defensively or offensively rather than seeking to understand and assertively and authentically sharing our thoughts and feelings.There are exceptions both ways, though, and the terms are generally used interchangeably. On a typical weekend retreat you will arrive at the retreat house on Thursday or Friday evening and will stay there through Sunday afternoon.