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24-Dec-2017 23:59

“With family breakdown costing an estimated £46 billion a year – that’s to say, more than the entire defence budget – in addition to the immeasurable social damage, it is clearly in the interest of Government and the taxpayer to work to counter this devastating trend.But he added: “Despite the evidence behind the stability of marriage, the Government seems fixed on airbrushing marriage from family policy papers.So what can you do if your unwed, church-raised daughter becomes pregnant? ) that though she is dealing with the consequences of sin, God’s loves us and his grace is always available to us.Tricia Goyer, once an unwed, teen mom herself, offers some excellent advice for parents in this situation in her blog post, Though emotions are running high, Tricia encourages Mom and Dad to “take a deep breath… If your daughter understands the gospel, Tricia explains, she already knows she has sinned. Support her in her decision to choose life for her unborn child.And it accused the Government of being fixated with trying to “airbrush” the importance of traditional marriage out of discussion about family break-up, with an emphasis on “long term stable relationships” instead.The report, which analyses figures from the Office for National Statistics, found that 93 per cent of couples whose relationships are still intact by the time their child is a teenager are married.It calculated that out of a typical group of 100 16-year-olds, 45 of them would have experienced a family split, while 55 would still be living with both parents.

Talk about what God’s Word says and why His way is a better way.They want a woman just to show up, who meets the criteria and can read the lines. Don’t overlook the single moms, and don’t overlook the opportunity to do what Joseph did for Jesus and that is to adopt a child that is not your biological child, and to raise them lovingly as Joseph did for the Lord Jesus.And so, this is a huge part of our theology as well and I would exhort the men not to overlook the single moms.About a year ago you did a few posts about what guys and gals are looking for (and NOT looking for) in relationships. (Watch out with that one.) They might do good deeds. The church is one of the best hiding places for an abusive individual because they know Christians are often gullible about stuff like this. Do you feel like he doesn’t care to understand you?

After following your blog for the last year, and reading through the many comments, I see that you are not alone in naming abuse and getting recognition for what it is. Some abusers may express their anger in passive ways. It’s a manipulative technique meant to make you feel guilty for calling them out on their behavior and get you to actually believe that you are the guilty party. George Simon puts it like this: Covert-aggression is at the heart of most interpersonal manipulation. As a young, unmarried woman, it is unsettling to hear so many married Christian women reply over and over in the comment section-“yes, this is my story too”, “…and me too…for 20 years…” How can the current 20-something women be a generation that doesn’t repeat this struggle? What the artful, subtle fighter knows is that if they can get you to doubt yourself, feel like you have to explain yourself, and question your perceptions and judgment, there’s a good chance they can get you to back down, back-off, or better still, cave-in.